The Best Places for Solo Female Travel in 2021

The Best Places for Solo Female Travel Fishermen's Bastion at Sunrise with Claire walking up some steps under an archway with a turret behind her - Budapest

If you’re planning a solo trip next year (subject to travel restrictions), I’ve got some excellent suggestions for you.  I asked some of my fellow female travel bloggers to share their recommendations for the best places for solo female travel in 2021, which I’ve included alongside some of my own recommendations.  You’ll find inspiration for […]

Mexico City Solo Travel: Is Mexico City Safe as a Solo Female Traveller?

Palacio de Bellas Artes - Is Mexico City Safe for Solo Female Travellers

Solo travel anywhere can be daunting, but with Mexico’s reputation, a lot of people have asked me if Mexico solo travel is safe, in particular in Mexico City.  This huge, hectic behemoth certainly sounds scary, but solo travel in Mexico City can be an incredible experience.  I spent four months in Mexico City as a […]