About Me

Hello!  I’m Claire, a thirty-something dreamer, traveller and lost soul; wandering the Earth until I find what I’m looking for.  A food, drink and life-lover, my wanderlust keeps growing by the day!

I created This Travel Lover to help inspire solo female travellers.  This Travel Lover is designed for women who want to travel safely and sustainably, without compromising on adventure.

I took my first solo trip at 19, and 17 years later I love to travel more than ever!  It’s not always been easy, but travelling is my passion and I hope to ignite that passion in all of you too.  No matter how you like to travel, I will share my tricks, tips and travel stories on This Travel Lover, so together we can go everywhere we want to.

How it All Began…

I began blogging in 2013, as Tales of Barcelona.  I moved to Barcelona after having somewhat of a mid-life crisis, when on a cold, wet October day in Manchester, England, I made up my mind & booked my one-way flight for Barcelona!

However, after a couple of years there my feet started to itch once again.  This time, South America was calling me.  So I decided to quit my job in Barcelona, and booked another one-way ticket – this time to Bolivia – and began a journey to discover South America.

Tales of Barcelona became Tales of a Backpacker as I set off on my travels, with a backpack on my back & walking boots on my feet.  I began to write about my adventures, as well as tips, tricks and musings about life on the road.

Three years later, I still write about backpacking but I realised that as women we need to consider different things when we travel.  Safety is a huge issue for us, and it takes guts to travel to a new place by ourselves.  This Travel Lover celebrates our successes as solo female travellers, and I aim to show the world that women can and will do anything we can to live free lives and follow our dreams of travel.

This Travel Lover

As This Travel Lover, I want to share the very best locations, activities and accommodations in each of the destinations I visit, with tips on how to save money and when to splurge, and how to travel as safely as we can.   I aim to inspire a love of travel in everyone and create a community of determined solo travel lovers who support and admire each other.

Happy travels, wherever your feet may take you!

Love Claire xx