Worried about travelling alone?  Facing challenges with your confidence, your family or your bank balance?  This Travel Lover is here to help.

We share advice and recommendations from a diverse range of solo female travel experts to help you overcome any concerns you may have about travelling alone.

We’ll talk about the ups and downs of solo travel, from the joys of discovering a new destination and making friends on the road, to keeping safe and dealing with loneliness without sugar-coating the reality of travel.

Through real talk with real travel loving women, This Travel Lover will help you every step of the way, so you can enjoy your solo travel adventure safely and sustainably.

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I’ll release a new episode every 2 weeks, which you can listen to here or on your favourite podcast channel.

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I’m Claire, and I love travel!  My mission is to inspire women to travel safely and sustainably all over the world.  By sharing my travel stories, tips and advice together with other travelling women we will help you to take your trips with confidence.  Learn more about me here.